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Kimberly Gingras - InnerTalk Spokesperson

Kimberly Gingras

InnerTalk's Spokesperson

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Dearest Eldon Taylor,

Your work is so magnificent, and life altering. I am amazed at your vast knowledge, and expertise in your understanding of programming and the human mind. I have been drawn to you ever since my friend Rebecca Hintze (author of Healing your Family History) introduced me to your work.

I have over come so much dysfunctional family programming, and continuously work on improving my mind and belief systems daily. In my Kinesiology proactive, I love helping others uncover the “lies” the keep them from progressing forward--which only resulted in the same old life scenarios that brought nothing but unhappiness to them. This is where the true magic happens in what I do in facilitating healing for others. As we reprogram back to our original blue print in correcting false belief systems, our lives shift toward true authentic wholeness.

The ripple effects that are created through my practice don’t really come from their diet, herbs, oils, alkaline water, or even modalities alone. First, each individual has to change the story that is on repeat in their minds to one of happiness, winning, healing and wholeness.

I have a whole strategy I follow for the Re-programming side of my practice, but no matter how an individual wants to go about changing their story, it always starts with the same first step, and that is forgiveness of self. This puts the playing field back on even ground, and gives the individual a place to start from. Then we are able to incorporate new tools like Firm Body, Stress in School, and even the Motivational Series for Sales, etc.

I use these CD’s as examples, because they have changed our lives as a family. I personally had suffered through a lot in life that gave me a poor self image in terms of my body, even though I was envied by many, and always stayed in good shape. My story is one of triumph, of self love, and acquired courage! What better way to “grand finale” these new found traits than to walk on stage in a bathing suit - portraying confidence in front of a large audience, knowing that I would be judged for every move I made on stage in a pageant setting.

Growing up and especially in my teen and young mother years, I lacked the confidence to walk with strait posture and surety in my swim suit. My sisters and best friends would comment that I didn’t look comfortable at all, and that I needed to walk like I was wearing my blue jeans. I even had a friend make me practice walking at a public pool, and I failed every time.

I dreaded the pageant as I thought about wearing my swimsuit with high heals, and spotlights from all directions aimed on me for every aspect of my walk, style, and over all appearance to be judged. So what did I do? I got out my Firm Body InnerTalk CD, and I listened to it for a minimum of 60 minutes a day (in the car, while doing laundry, dishes, and working at the computer, etc.) I didn’t even know if it was working or not until the night of the pageant.

Eldon, I had so much fun on stage in my swimsuit, and I walked around creating my poses with confidence and ease. I was actually having FUN, and I could hear the crowd cheering for me. It made me want to stay on the stage longer. Upon exiting the stage, I wanted to walk back out there and do it all again! I won the Life style and Fitness award (swimsuit), and have a beautiful trophy to represent what I have over come in my life, and I couldn’t have accomplished this height of reprogrammed with out you. Thank you so much for your genius work!

My kids were struggling in school, and had issues with bullies, and self-esteem. I decided to take a year to home school them to see if I could help them catch up, and make academic progress. I played you CD; Stress in School during our home school hours, and during our brain development exercises. I also played the CD when they were playing video games (instead of listening to the electronic music coming from the game). This current school year both children are flourishing in public school, and making a progress every day. It’s night and day the difference in both my kids (in their own individual ways).

My husband had been working as a subcontractor for a different Dish and Direct TV Retailers. He had been working hard to make money, and every year he was short changed and taken advantage of by about $3,000 - $10,000 from these retailers. He was so frustrated, and he wanted to do more with his experience and abilities. I could see his potential, and bless his heart I could see his incorrect programming as well. As his “Help-Mate” I knew I couldn’t point out what he was doing wrong, or where the obvious programming was creating a ground hog day (or year) effect with our finances.

Instead, I purchased a variety of your CD’s: Motivate, Powerful Salesperson, and 2 others as well. At first he didn’t want to listen to them, and I told him that they were refundable, and I already spent the money, so he had 30 days to try them out, and if he didn’t like them, I would mail them back. So he agreed to listen to them. He then started team listening training with other sales guys on him team. They would meet together and listen to your CD’s every day before going out to sale. Needless to say no returns were made. :O)

In this last year, he didn’t just become a powerful sales person, he became a business owner. He eliminated the middle man, and was accepted by Dish Network to create his own retailer. He is now owner of Elite Satellite.

Now, I can openly say anything I want about programming, and what I am seeing, and he does the same for me. Together in our parenting, we help our children to see programming, manipulation, and marketing strategy in the media. We discuss openly as a family why people manipulate, what they want from us, and especially why it works on the average individual who isn’t aware. I feel that it still works, even when we are aware (classical conditioning), however, it works a whole lot less when we can call out the lie, and then call forth he truth in all things!

So at this time, I would like to thank you for your life’s work, and for your ripple effects in reaching me. You have changed my life, and I love sharing InnerTalk, and you other products with others.

Many Blessings,

Kimberly Gingras
Mrs. Western States International 2017
Mrs. Montana International 2011