Change Without Thinking

Change Without Thinking by Eldon Taylor

Change Without Thinking

3 DVD set (full day workshop)

Recorded at the Putra Trade Center in Malaysia

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Change Without Thinking

In December 2005, Eldon spoke at the Putra Trade Center in Malaysia. For one full day, he spoke to a packed audience and a number of dignitaries including the former First Lady of Malaysia. He taught them of the inner workings of their own minds, told them of the process by which he developed his patented InnerTalk technology, revealed glimpses of his past that shaped the man he became, but most importantly, gave them the real tools to live a truly successful life. Now you can see this presentation for yourself. Available on DVD - the Change Without Thinking seminar that formed the basis of his New York Times best seller, Choices and Illusions and that cost several hundred dollars to attend in person.

“This is a good wake up call for any individual at any age who has ever felt they didn't have control over any or all aspects of their life. This DVD was very positive assistance in my life as well as Eldon Taylor's InnerTalk CD's which i used a month later. It helped me realize on a deeper level that I had the power to change anything about myself i didn't like or was uncomfortable with, as well as understand the influence of Negative subliminal messages from Corporations in every aspect of our personal and public lives is serious business NOT to be underestimated. I hope this review assists others to come out of the unnecessary 'closet of pain'. Be well and thanks for listening. ”

— George

“I cant say enough about the masterful way Eldon Taylor leads you through the massive amount of information gathered from years of training, and perfecting the programs he develops to inspire and motivate others towards discovering their greatness. He has a loving and down to earth approach that instantly draws in the viewer, I was glued to the TV hanging on to every word! I would absolutely recommend Change Without Thinking to anyone of any age. In fact the earlier we teach our kids this stuff, the better. Eldon is a master teacher, and being a counselor myself, I am aware of the benefit of having information related in a way that makes sense without the need for deep reflection.”

— Laurie Carty, Cognitive Skills Practitioner,

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